Sunday, May 16, 2010

Three little polishes

So here are some of my new polishes. I really have ended up with a buttload (buttload should be a scientific unit of measurement) of untried polishes lately. I even have 8 mini Essies to try, even though I HATE Essies (generally, but not always). I found a four-pack of minis for $5 at Ulta from Essie's Fall 09 collection, and JJ bought me the four-pack of minis from their new Resort Collection. That man has to love me if he's buying me more nail polish. I know he thinks my collection is a bit ridiculous now, but he bought it for me anyway. Aww. :)

You know what else is ridiculous? My collection of shower gels and lotions. I have no idea why I buy so many. Even if I bought no more shower gel or lotion, I probably have enough to keep myself clean and moisturized until at least 2015. Hoarder much? Actually, it's more like I shop at Bath and Body Works twice a year -- during the semi-annual sales -- and stock WAY up then.

So anyway. Swatches!

First up is Zoya Alegra. This is pretty, sparkly, and foily, just like Charla and Mimi were. I like this dark, reddish shade of pink on me.

I kept reading about this color on a bunch of different blogs, and it was one of the main reasons I even stopped in at Ulta. The brand is LA Splash, which I'd never heard of before. I did see a LA Splash display in a Walgreen's recently, but it was all eyeliner and no nail polish. Maybe it'll be available at Walgreen's soon. This shade is called Golden Seahorse, and it's a seafoam green with gold glitter in it. It's really a unique color, but I'm not sure it's for me.

And this was my, "I'm bored and I found Hidden Treasure" mani. This is actually a base of Finger Paints "Tough Art to Follow," which I THINK is one of their new shades. It's a really dark olive green. I thought it'd be more forest green, but definitely has more yellow tones than blue, so I say it's dark olive. I was underwhelmed by this color. I didn't even take a picture of it by itself. So here it is with Hidden Treasure over it. Heh.

And there you go. I'm slowly whittling down my backlog of photos. :)


  1. Golden seahorse is pretty but it looks really bumpy. I love hidden treasure and I think I'm having as much fun looking for it as I will when it's finally in my greedy little hands.

  2. i was lucky enough to find hidden treasure on my first try, and so my current mani looks awfully similar to your last pic!