Saturday, May 29, 2010

Three Day Weekend! Hooray!

Who knows, maybe I'll do some swatching this weekend. I have THREE DAYS, after all. :D
I haven't actually swatched in awhile. All the pictures I've posted lately were full manis, worn for at least a day (if not two or three).
In the meantime, here are three pictures I haven't posted here.

This is one of the Zoyas I got in the Polish Exchange. Anastasia. It's very fall-like. In fact, I could see myself wearing this a lot during the fall. I got a compliment on this from my friendly neighborhood Rite Aid cashier. :)

This is Rumple's Wiggin (dumbest polish name ever) from the OPI Shrek collection. I'm really glad I picked up the mini set, because almost every polish in that collection reminds me a lot of something else I have. Maybe I'll do some comparisons.

And this is Playa Del Platinum from Essie's Resort Collection. It's meh. I put some Illusion D'Or over it the next day and I really liked the way it looked. However, I failed to take a picture of it.

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