Monday, May 10, 2010

Giveaway ENDING and nail polish haul

Ok, so I'm supposed to pick a winner for my giveaway today. I just got my spreadsheet caught up with my blog comments, so let's say that I'll count anyone who enters until 5pm Eastern time today (about 3 hours from now). Then I'll pick someone. YAY!

Oh yeah, and I GOT MARRIED ON SATURDAY! YAY! I had a really good time, and hey! I got married! We aren't taking a honeymoon at this time, so no, I'm not posting this from my honeymoon. :)

I also hauled on some nail polish while we were down in Florida. I also finally found Hidden Treasure! YAY! We drove from Athens to down in Florida where we got married. I stopped at a random Walgreens in Montgomery, AL, and there it was! FINALLY!

I wanted to go to the Del Sol store in PCB to get some more of their color change polish, but I didn't have time. But on the way back home, we stopped in another random Walgreens in Florida and they were selling Del Sol! Yay!

And then I hauled in the clearance aisle at Ulta.. and I picked up some other stuff there too.

So, I have all of that plus all the Zoya I got last week. I have a LOT of stuff in my untried drawer right now. This is a picture of everything I picked up on my travels. I also don't really have time to swatch right now, so I guess I'll be doing a nail a day for a bit. :)


And, just because I know I'm going to get terribly backlogged with my nail pictures, let me just go ahead and show you what I've got unposted pictures of. Enjoy!

So, I tried Illusion D'Or over everything for a few days. Here it is over black:

And here it is again over L'Oreal's High Tide.

And here it is over Rimmel's Milk Chocolate!

This is La Playa from the new Orlys that are out now.

Sinful Colors "Rise and Shine," which JJ declared "hideous."

Minted, one of the new Revlons.

Orly Glam, which I found on clearance at Sally..

And the ONLY Zoya Sparkle I've photographed so far, Charla. I really loved this color!!



    I love Sinful Rise and Shine though.

  2. The Rise and Shine rocks! I want on!

  3. Congrats Lissa! :D The Chanel looks sooo gorgeous over black. I have those same dry nail polish thingies but I haven't tried them yet.

  4. Congratulations!!!!! I hope you and your husband enjoyed your day a lot :)

    My favorite is Orly Glam. It`s gorgeous!

  5. Congrats! And I love Minted, I bought one similar to that last week :)