Sunday, April 18, 2010

Urban Decay Apocalyptic Nail Kit


I am so glad I picked this up on clearance, because now it's gone.

All of these were two-coaters. The brush and application was perfect on every single one of them. I am still kinda tempted to get their new Summer of Love nail kit, even though the colors don't really appeal to me, just because the formula and application on these were sooo good.

I just wish Urban Decay would do an actual nail polish line. Grumble.

The first color I tried out of the kit was White Widow. Which isn't actually white. It's a pale grey with slight shimmer in it. I wore this to work on... Tuesday? And I couldn't quit looking at my hands. I thought I was going to hate this color, but it's actually one of my favorites from the set.

The next color I wore was Meltdown, which is a nice bright purple with some shimmer. My outdoors photo wasn't at all color accurate, so I went inside and messed with some settings on my camera and got a picture where the polish is color-accurate, but my hands look jaundiced!


Next up is Gunmetal, which is a sort of brownish-grey. I apologize for this photo -- I took it after 2 days of wear. I was busy last week. :)

THIS was really my favorite of the whole set -- F-Bomb. I love the name as much as I love dropping F-Bombs. I also love the color. It's a slightly dark, dusty red that looks fabulous with my skin tone. It doesn't lean orange, and I could not believe that I loved the red (of all colors!) best out of this whole collection.

This is Apocalypse. My least-favorite. It's a dark purple, which is evident on the first coat and in the bottle, but after two coats on the nails, it just looks black. No purple at all. Meh.

Big Bang. Bright metallic pink with silver shimmer in it. This is really pretty, but isn't my favorite.

Grunge. A dark, shimmery, grey-blue. Or is it teal? It looks grey-blue to me. I liked it but didn't love it. My outdoors photos were all too dark, so I took one indoors, too.


So, yay! Urban Decay nail polish is great!


  1. Hey there. I've been following your blog and enjoy it. I just awarded you!

  2. F-bomb looks fabulous on you - i wanted it so every time i saw it swatched but it was the only one out of the kit i was drawn too so i passed

  3. i've been on the fence about this. kinda glad I passed even if Big Bang is really nice for a pink.

  4. I love Urban Decay, but they totally changed the color of "Gunmetal", this used to be an awesome graphite grey/black polish and now its bueno!

    F Bomb is beautiful!