Sunday, April 4, 2010

Seriously, you guys

I have NO IDEA if I'm ever going to actually finish wearing all the Icing "black glitters" I bought. I got through three of them. Shitty application, terrible wear. Color me NOT IMPRESSED. I'm so glad I only spent $5 on these on clearance instead of the $16 original price. Really.

Soooo anyhow. Yesterday I bought my wedding dress. It's not a wedding dress-wedding dress, just a white cotton dress. Appropriate for getting married on the beach, I think, and I LOVE it. NOW I just need to decide what polish colors I'm going to wear.

This is what it looks like outside today. Look at that wisteria! Too bad I have a horrible phobia of bees/wasps/flying-stinging-things. It's freaking beautiful!

ALSO today, I dyed my hair bright ass cherry red. Pardon the hair-in-the-face, but I wasn't wearing any makeup.. LOL.

Here is a color I picked up on clearance recently at Sally's. China Glaze "Cherry Pie." It's more of an orange-toned red than what I would normally pick, but this color has been on my toes for a week or two now and I LOVE it on my toes. It's a red jelly with a glass-flecked finish.

I also picked up some Butter London polishes from Hautelook a couple weeks ago because they were $5 apiece. Color me not impressed. I'm seriously glad I only paid $5 for these. I've only tried two of the four I bought. The first one, Swinger, was so bad I ended up just removing it halfway through and putting this one on instead. Not even so much as a picture.
This is Billy No Mates, a very soft grey.

I got bored with that and decided to do a vintage-y half-moon mani, using Zoya Ibiza on top of it. I then prompty destroyed that by doing dishes. I'm trying to slowly shape my nails into more of an oval shape instead of square or squoval. I want more of a vintage look. But it takes time, my nails aren't that long, so I figure I'll eventually get the oval/almond shape I want with regular, proper filing.

In other news, I have a bunch of nail polish I want to give away. Some is new, some is used. I'm thinking of doing a contest to give away the unused stuff, and then maybe just having a free-for-all, first-come-first served thing for the used stuff I want to be rid of. I have too much and I need to destash. I figure for the free-for-all, I'd just want someone to pay shipping, which would depend on how many bottles you got. What do you guys think? Is this a good idea or no? I feel like I'm becoming a hoarder, and I KNOW I'll never wear a lot of the stuff I have.


  1. I love your hair! I think getting a simple wedding dress like that is a good choice... dresses are so expensive, what a waste of money. TBH I don't even want to have a weddding. You should totally give away your polishes! :D I would charge for them, just maybe like $1 or $2 a bottle so you don't feel like you wasted so much money.

  2. love your hair...wish i was that daring! :) definitely charge 1 or 2 plus shipping for the polishes, that way you don't feel wasteful.

    oh, make sure to post pictures of your dress!

  3. If you're doing the whole "Something old something new" tradition, you should definitely make your polish the "something blue"! Michelle
    PS, Love the hair, I have always wanted to do something wilder with mine. But I'm just too shy :( and I care too much what others think. But I'm trying to work on that!

  4. I bought three polishes from HauteLok too! I have "Billy no mates", "Crumpet" ad "Teddy Boy"..I haven't tried any of them yet. How many coats is your swatch of "Billy no mates" ?

  5. A free for all is a great idea!

  6. @Jackie - That swatch of Billy No Mates is three coats. I'm wearing Teddy Boy today! Also three coats. I'm not really digging these Butter London polishes.

  7. Oh no! I'll try them this weekend, if they don't work out, I'll keep them for "swaps".