Sunday, April 25, 2010

China Glaze Poolside and random babbling

So yesterday I actually swatched the three colors from the Poolside collection that I picked up at Sally's, despite clouds, rain, and general weather ickiness.

I found that ALL of these colors required a coat of white polish underneath in order to make the colors pop (glow is more like it) and to eliminate visible nail line.

I started with Sun Worshipper, and actually used three coats with no white polish underneath at first. The nail line was bothering the hell out of me, though, so I removed it without taking pictures. Here it is with a basecoat, a coat of Sally Hansen White On, and two coats of Sun Worshipper. This color is actually on my toes right now. :)


And this is Pool Party. Same routine with the white as Sun Worshipper. Both of these colors are very, very, very bright. Pool Party is, I think, my favorite of three neon pinks I have in my collection. It doesn't go all orange like the other two do!


The last one I got was Towel Boy Toy. It's not really neon, but it is very bright. I also applied it over a coat of white. It's a nice, bright aqua blue with some shimmer. I had a really hard time accurately capturing the color. The second picture I think most accurately captures the color.


In other news, I made a hand scrub last night! I was pissed off because all the hand scrubs I've found are way too expensive for what amounts to oil and sugar/salt/some scrubby substance. So I melted some coconut oil, mixed in some water and a bunch of sugar, and dumped in some scent from one of my million BPAL imp's ears I have lying about. It works! It leaves my hands feeling soft and smooth and, honestly, they feel as soft as they have when I've used an actual expensive "hand scrub." So there!

The red was also fading super fast from my hair, and I wanted to go back darker, but still have SOME red, so on the advice of a friend, I dyed it "Dark Mahogany Brown" using L'Oreal Color Gems. This is the result. I really like it!

Also, I think I'm going to stick to taupes and light browns this week. I'm feeling rather reserved, and these polishes don't get nearly enough play from me. Holy crap, I'll actually be wearing work-appropriate polish to work! Here's the lineup:

And in other OTHER news.... I think I'm going to close my destashing post and just send all that stuff to Zoya to take advantage of the polish exchange. Ohhh yeeeeah.

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  1. I love the Poolside colors, even with the pain of using a white as the base, it is still so worth the effort! Your nude collection is very nice, can't wait to see it! :)