Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ranting and rambling (no pics)

I cannot find that stupid new Sally Hansen collection ANYWHERE and I NEED Hidden Treasure.

I went to the one Walgreens here in Athens yesterday, and they had:
- The new pastel Revlons
- New Maybellines
- Scented Revlons (Heather, FYI -- I'd only ever seen them at Rite Aid, and I know you don't have Rite Aids in your area)
- The new L'Oreals

Ok, so I did pick up four polishes there. Two of them are Sinfuls, which were buy one get one half off. Listen to my justification of my spending habits!

I am wondering if I should just go in there every single freaking day to see if they ever show up.

Oh, and I have a confession.
I bought a bottle of nail polish that costs more than any bottle of polish I've ever, EVER bought. I swore I'd never do it. But I did. And it should be arriving at my house today. What could it be? Muahaha.


  1. nfu.oh?? :D

    i have just started my own blog, :) take a look ok? :) thank u so much!

  2. Nfu oh? Deborah Lippman? OPI DS? Chanel? I must know!

    GAHH maybe the Walgreens by work will have the scented Revlons soon! They have the whole new Sally Hansen collection, so this gives me hope. But $8 is so lame, I'm asking for some for my birthday lol. I want one of the new L'Oreals too. I might have to stop in before work tonight, hehe. I frequently check all the Walgreens/CVS stores in town because they all have different stuff.

  3. I read this post this morning and on my stop at Rite Aid this morning I saw the Sinful collection and HAD to have 24/7, which is this neon pink color but I just purchased Color Club's Jackie Oh!... sigh. what's a girl to do?