Friday, April 2, 2010

Comparisons and blues

So, I've had a few polishes in mind that I'd wanted to do comparisons of. I finally got around to swatching them last weekend, and I guess I'll finally get around to posting the pictures this weekend. ;)

In other (but somewhat -- you'll see in a minute -- related) news, have y'all seen the new Finger Paints display at Sally's? It's like four blue shades with a sheer iridescent topcoat and a silver... topcoat? foil? I can't quite tell and didn't want to buy it to find out. But the blues are LOVELY. I bought two of them.

The first is a pastel creme, called Blissfully Blue:

The second is a medium blue shimmer, called Add and Abstract... or is this blue? It's really sort of teal. There is some definite green in this and I think it's GORGEOUS.

BUT... both of these reminded me of other colors. So now, on to the comparisons.
From left to right: Finger Paints Blissfully Blue, China Glaze For Audrey, Orly Gumdrop, Essie Mint Candy Apple.

The nails are in the same order (I have Blissfully Blue on both my thumb and pointer here). As you can see, Gumdrop and For Audrey are the closest. Blissfully Blue is much more, well, BLUE than the others.

THEN... Add and Abstract vs. Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro in Marine Blue.

I have the Rimmel on my middle finger and pinky, Add and Abstract on my index and ring.
Those are really so close you don't need both.

So then I wondered what the difference was between China Glaze Lubu Heels and Milani Garnet Gems.

The difference is MINIMAL. I have China Glaze on my index and ring. Milani on my middle and pinky.

Seriously, you only need one of these. Not both.

And that's it for comparisons today. I have some good news to post here, but probably won't get to it til Sunday. I'm sure you'll all be on pins and needles. :D


  1. I have Garnet Gems in my unused pile. Got it on sale at CVS for like $1 but since I barely ever get to wear polish because of work, I still haven't tried it.

    Also, I was looking at your pictures of the Claire's mood polishes again, and my mom saw them and freaked out like a 5 year old. We're going to the mall tomorrow so she can get the neon yellow one :P

  2. @Heather - YES. I love being an enabler. :)

  3. Great comparisons, thank you so much! Garnet Gems/Lubu Heels is so pretty :-O

  4. i've wanted gumdrop and for thanks! now i know i only really need one or the other :)

  5. @Emma - For Audrey is a little darker, but really, unless someone is looking for the difference, they aren't THAT different. :) Imma go check your blog now!

  6. Wow, that is a gorgeous blue collection, Lissa!

    Just found your blog by googling the Finger Paints brand. If you take a look on mine in a day or so, I should have a mention of you (hope you don't mind) & a link to your wonderfully obsessive blog ; )

    jill (polka dot) @

  7. I love the hair color. Congrats Bride To Be! and thanks soooooo much for the comparisons. I've had For Audrey, hated it gave it away, bought it again and all the colors like it.