Sunday, April 11, 2010


So, I finally got up off my lazy ass and listed and photographed all of the polishes I need to get rid of. Most of these have only been swatched once, but I've worn some of them. I just really need to destash. My loss is your gain. :)

Anything striked out has already been spoken for. Sorry!

I really don't want to charge for used polishes, and most of these aren't must-have hard-to-finds, but I can't afford to ship for free.

I figure I can fit five bubble-wrapped polishes in a bubble mailer. I know from past experience it'll cost me a couple of bucks to mail, and a dollar or so for the mailer. I figure I can fit 10 or so polishes in a small, flat-rate mailing box. The boxes are free, but the shipping cost is $4.85.

So, for one to five polishes, your cost is $3.
For six to ten polishes, your cost is $5.
If you want more than ten polishes, let me know and we'll figure something out.

Email me at and let me know what you want. Then you can PayPal the money for shipping to me. Once I receive the money in PayPal, I'll ship your stuff to you. Sound good? God, I hope so. :)

So, here's what I need to get rid of. If you have any questions, please let me know, either in a comment here or by email!

Oh yeah... pardon my messy table, but there are WAY too many bees outside for me to be photographing this crap out there.

Sally Hansen
Beyond Perfect - Petal Paradise, Fresh Lavender, Cinnamon Incense, Bare Beauty

Lacquer Shine - Gleaming, Glow

Hard as Nails XTreme Wear - Lime Lights, Gunmetal, Purple Pizzazz

Maximum Growth Plus - Sweet Tulip

Poison Apple *** PENDING ***
Purple Velvet (Matte)
Blue Suede (Matte)


Russian Navy Matte
Gargantuan Green Grape Matte
Deer Valley Spice *** PENDING ***
Bronzed to Perfection

Wet N Wild
Crystalic - Heavy Metal, Sandalwood Frost, Jade Frost

Iced Mauve
White on White
Sweet Nothings - Rendez-Blue

Green Matte, Yel

Forever Strong + Iron - White a While
Wet Shine - Spiced Cider
Express Finish - Gogo Green
Salon Expert - Riveting Ruby


Rose Quartz, Cabernet, Ocean Breeze

Scherer Chameleon
Sunset, Dreams

Butter London - Swinger
Sephora by OPI - Never Enough Shoes

Finger Paints - Honey Handbag *** PENDING ***
Nicole by OPI - First Blush Crush
China Glaze - Tinsel

Tip Toe - Platinum
Goldie - ?? No name, shimmery beige

Icing - White Wedding
Borghese - Stellare Notte
Jesse's Girl - Neon Pink

NYC Metallic Nail Glossies - Molten Metal
CQ - Silver Violet
Sally Girl - Get Out! (mini)
Love Bites - ?? Mustard Yellow (used to be layered)
Snowman - Black and orange bar glitter in clear base

Pure Ice - Rio
Lay It On Me - Mostly Black

Cover Girl Boundless Color - Fuchsia Girl

I have probably swatched and posted pictures of most of these on this blog. Just look around. I usually tag by brand. If there's something you think you might want, but aren't sure about the color, ask me and I'll either find a photo of a swatch or I'll just swatch it and send you a new pic. :)


  1. I want mosaic creme, marble creme, both the opal (red opal, royal opal) Claires's Yel, and the pastel set), Swinger, Never Enough shoes, Tinsel, White Wedding, Pure Ice rio, Lay it on me Mostly black, the sunny romance mini.
    Just let me know how much to send you
    cmp381 at hotmail dot com

    I hope I am not being greedy......... *blush*

  2. I didn't see the email instructions.... sorry

  3. I emailed you (=
    these blogs are no good during a no buy. I have tuition to pay!

  4. wanted to let you know I got my package on Wed. all safe and sound (: I keep swatching Stellare Notte trying to figure out where all the duo-chrome goodness in the bottle disappeared to.