Friday, October 22, 2010

Sula Paint and Peel in Haze

So this is one of those grown up Tinkerbell polishes that peels off. I found it on clearance at Ulta. The regular price of these things is like $8 or $9, which is a little steep to me for a gimmicky nail polish.

Anyway, this was just a bit streaky, but still a very pretty color. I slapped some Out the Door topcoat on top. :)



  1. I always see these in the clearance area, and sometimes dig the colors, but... can't really justify buying a polish I'll just peel off?

    Did you give peeling it off a go? :)

  2. When it peels off, does it leave anything else behind?

  3. It leaves a few little specks of polish behind when it peels off. It's also not the easiest in the world to peel off, so it may not be all that great for your nail beds. :/