Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Maybelline Gray-T Glamour

So, this was one of those Fashion Week polishes. There are still some picked-over displays in the drugstores around here. Anyway, I felt like most of the other polishes were dupes or dupish to something I already had, but I'm a sucker for a good gray. Which is weird because gray doesn't even look all that great on me.

This applied well -- I think I used two coats. But it dried to a weird not shiny finish. Not matte, not satin, but definitely not shiny. Not a huge deal since I use topcoat anyway.

There is also just a tiny bit of shimmer in this!


P.S. LADIES... I found a whole buttload of Sally Hansen Nail Prisms at my Dollar Tree today. Squee! I got pink rose diamond, purple diamond, white diamond (i think), and... something else. Three of those are holographics, so.. SCORE!


  1. I made a mental note to go to the dollar tree the other day and then totally forgot. D'oh! I hope there are some good ones left.

  2. Everyone is finding these Sally's at their DT. I need to stalk mine :)