Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Claire's Shy/Flirty

This is the last Claire's mood polish I bought. I also think I took this picture in, uh, August, so I had a hard time making the color change show up in pictures. But this polish is FABULOUS! It changes from medium blue to a deep cobalt.




And now the world's laziest nail blogger has made another post. :D

I also broke a nail today for the first time EVER, so I came home and cut my nails off super, super short.

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  1. All Claire's stores I know don't sell mood polishes :( go figure! That's a superb blue! :D The only opaque dark blue polish I have is also from Claire's but it's the most random dark blue you can find, nothing really special about it. By the way, it was not the first time it happened to me but yesterday I just broke a nail too. They were already very long and pretty strong and by picking up the vacuum cleaner it just broke all the way across! Just like that! So there I was finishing a day of work with 9 long nails and the middle finger of my left hand a bit abnormal. I got home and had to get rid of my 9 long nails -_-