Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Claire's Excited/Bored

This is one of the newer mood polishes from Claire's. It changes from peach to coral depending on the temperature. Peach is the warm color, while coral is the cool color. I had a hard time capturing this one, so pardon the indoors photographs with wet hands. :) It was so hot here in August that I would only get the warm color if I took these outside!




In all honesty, this is pretty, but applying it was a hot streaky mess. Gluggy and streaky and just.. yuck. And it chipped within a day. :(

I know I've spent most of the last few months apologizing for my lapses in posting. So I won't do it again. I haven't lost interest in nail polish, but I am trying to keep my spending at a reasonable level, and sometimes it's just a pain to crank out a post. :) But I still have a massive backlog of pictures. Oh well. This is a blog. It's a hobby, not a job (I have a job!) for me, so I'll post when I get around to it. If this blog were making me money, I'd probably be a little more diligent!

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  1. oo i've been wanting this polish. you have such beautiful nails :) you've got yourself a new follower!