Monday, November 29, 2010

Wild and Crazy

So, this is a brand I pick up when I hit up the local independent beauty supply stores. They are very hit and miss. There are a lot of colors that look great in the bottle, but are super sheer on the nail. I'm still a sucker.

This is Wicked. A burgundy/purple with a slight green shimmer. Sort of along the lines of Maybelline Vanishing Venus.
Here it is in sunlight...
Wild and Crazy Wicked?

And in shade...

Flying Kite, a peach with gold shimmer. This is another color combination I am a complete sucker for. :)

Ticklish Toes, a shimmering olive green.

Erie, an extremely pretty shimmery teal.

And Feliciana, a nude/pink with some chunky shimmer.

And now for your standard ending...

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