Sunday, August 8, 2010

I'm hoooome!

Wow, I've barely had time to post here for the last couple of weeks. My dad had cancer, and had to have his kidney removed, so I had to drive down to Florida to be with my mom, since we have NO family there and I couldn't have my mama going through this alone, you know? My dad was in the hospital for six days, but he's recovering amazingly, and the doctor thinks that they've got all the cancer. So we're cautiously hopeful right now.

Anywho, I hit up Ulta in a BAD, BAD way while I was down there (I actually hit two Ultas... jeez). Holy cow, I'm glad that we don't have an Ulta in this town. I'd always be broke. I found SO MUCH STUFF I'd seen online and had been lemming and HAD TO HAVE. I got the Essie Fall Collection minis, I got the Urban Decay Naked Palette, I got the one color I wanted from the OPI Swiss collection (Ski Teal We Drop, it's the only one that appealed to me). I picked up two of the Orly Cosmix polishes, which I thought weren't coming out til September, but I walked into Ulta and THERE THEY WERE. Maddening!

But I'm not posting ANY of that today! Instead, I'm going to dump a whole bunch of photos that have been sitting in my Flickr for weeks. I'll get to the new stuff, uh, like when I have real photos and they've been uploaded to my Flickr. :D

Enjoy the photo dump! I am going to nix the commentary, unless something was particularly awesome or particularly terrible.

Zoya Heather:

Zoya Kalmia:

Zoya Barbie:

Zoya Annie (I gave this one away. The formula was fine, but this shade of orange is NOT for me):

OPI Ink (Why have I never purchased this before? I love it! It's FABULOUS!)

Essie Pretty Edgy (Oh look, it's the day I shortened my nails):

China Glaze Sacred Heart (found for $1.99 at Sally, woot):


  1. I work right beside Starbucks. It's just out our door and into theirs. I had to cure myself of that habit real quick then I discovered nail polish blogs and all the myriad choices in nail polish I did not know when I only went to Walgreen's and the grocery store. Now I find myself going to Ulta at least once a week because it is also in walking distance where I work. Yipes they are constantly getting something new. I am going to resist the fall mini Essies. I swear. Hope things go smoothly for your parents.

  2. These are all so pretty! I have the same problem with Ulta...fortunately the one nearest me is three hours away. :)