Sunday, August 29, 2010


Guess what!! I'm not dead! And I have a buttload of polishes I need to show you guys, so let me quit being lazy and worthless and make a blog post!

This is a polish brand I found at the awesome Asian beauty supply place. The brand is called Wild and Crazy, and I can get it for $1.49. This was a nice duochrome -- it flashes from mauve to gold and I THOUGHT I saw a little purple in it as well, but didn't really see that so much in the pics. It also bubbled up on me. :( Still a pretty color, and pretty awesome for $1.50!


This was another one I got at the same store. Another Kleancolor (I love Kleancolor so much!). This is a bright blue glitter called Puppy Love. I layered it over OPI No Room for the Blues, but it MAY get opaque enough by itself to not require layering. I don't know because I haven't tried it out.

This is another Kleancolor, a color called Pearl Silver, which is a really nice silver foil.

I hope everyone's doing ok! Sorry for my absence. I've been a crap blogger this summer, and I apologize.

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